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funding in the fight over standardized testing, the new thrift -- threat from the education department. the state will dump the test that students have been taking for 14 years and given a computerized test not ready for a few years. educators have been working with officials about reconciling the dispute over testing. they are surprised by the funding threat. >> hopefully there are no tricks for the kids on halloween. >> there is in wet weather in the forecast. here are temperatures in the south bay: alum rock is cool of the at 42. san jose is 46 and santa clara and los altos hills 44, and cupertino is 43 and los gatos is warmest at 48. most of us are in the 40's again this morning. there will be 30's by the time the morning is over. 51 in san francisco and alameda for the warm spot. as far as the forecast, the next 12 hours, we have clear conditions this morning. headed to the afternoon hours, it will be calm with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. at 4:00, warmer than yesterday by two to four or five degrees. 62 at the cost and 68 around the bay and 72 inland and by 7:00 tomorrows
about the response of a college education. critics say the appointment creates a more hostile environment and they are beating for her -- petitioning for her removal. >> two huge excavators have been tracked down that were stolen from a site. we have this photo of one of the two, 15 ton excavators taken from the job site in clinton. each is worth $120,000 and would take a huge effort to move. a tip led them to a property 20 miles from the site. no arrests have been announced. >> time for a check on the weather. what is going on, mike? >> it is much cooler. 11 degrees cooler in livermore. nine in san carlos. four in oakland. 13 degrees cooler in half moon bay. to the north, the frost advisory is dropped. it is 39 in santa rosa. that is as cool as it is right now. napa is 40. novato is 41. mill valley is 42. 49 in richmond district. temperatures are 53 in alameda, a warm spot, and 48 in redwood city and 43 in san jose and lafayette and 42 in san ramon. it will be cooler stepping outside this morning because of the clear and calm conditions and the dry air. you may want to grab a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2